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At St Catharine's we are thankful for the generosity of many people who give to the church. Your contributions enable us to grow people's faith, introduce people to Jesus and serve our local community. We could not do this without you!

Below you will find information on how you can give financially and the difference your giving makes.

How to Give

There are different ways to give to St Catharine's.

Give now

Make a one off online donation through our parish giving scheme.

Regular giving

Regularly give to the work of the church by setting up a direct debit with our Parish Giving Scheme. 

Give at Church

Put cash or cheques in the donation box or use the card reader

Our Mission Partners

St Catharine's is united with Christians all over the world because of Jesus Christ. As such we wish to support financially different ministries across the globe. Some are local to Leicestershire, some national and some international. Below you will find those mission partners we are currently supporting. We review who we give to every three years.


Mission Partners

Click on our partners logo to be redirected to their site.

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